Meditation Oil - Perfume Roll-On 11ml

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Teri Koski

I never leave reviews but this product and company are an exception. Shipping is always prompt, great customer service, and the product smells absolutely wonderful. I have never liked floral perfumes so this works great for me. I discovered it a couple years ago and have been using it since!

Thank you for taking the time to share this Teri. Greatly appreciated and we are so happy you love these unique Meditation Oil products as much as we do. Thank you again and have a wonderful day.

M. Kunkel
Love it!

I have loved this blend for MANY, MANY years!

Mary Ann kristan
Soothing fragrance

Have used this product for over 20 years and find it a product with excellent ingredients and such a lovely fragrance

The Meditation Oil Roll-on Perfume within this bottle is a harmonious blend of 12 ancient oils designed to soothe mind and body.  Use it on pressure points, wrists or ankles to allow for this soft, subtle scent of 12 ancient oils as an aid to relaxation or for daily perfume uses.

The Meditation Oil Range is a blend of 12 essential oils including Lavender, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Essence of Oakmoss, Balsam of Benzoin, Gum of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Balsam of Tolu, Patchouli and Bay Oil.

The unique and rich fragrance is unforgettable!!  And is the reason it is so popular in both Australia and overseas.

In a fast paced life, slowing down in contemplation and meditation eases stress, reduces tension and allows for wellness to flood the entire being. Meditation doesn’t need to be done on a yoga mat in a twisted pretzel position! Meditation can be enjoyed in many different ways. A slow walk, allowing the mind to daydream, enjoying the sun on your face are some ways to enjoy meditation. Adding this Meditation Oil Roll-on Perfume to your world can enhance the feelings of relaxation without the need for a yoga mat!

A simple change in your environment such as this soft, subtle, unique fragrance can remind you to take a breath and simply slow down – even if just for a moment. Enjoy your Meditation Oil product today.
Always test new skin products in a small area of your body to ensure its appropriate use for you.

This beautiful perfume roll-on fits neatly into your handbag.

11 ml bottle, with slide box. Contains no alcohol or any synthetic chemicals.

Made in Australia

This roll-on perfume contains the famous 'Meditation' fragrance blend of essential oils. Contains no alcohol. Use on pulse points.

A blend of 12 Ancient Oils suspended in blo-dynamic safflower and jojoba carrier oil

Contains no alcohol

Contains no synthetic chemicals